Wholesale vs. Retail

Young Living Wholesale Membership vs. Retail Customer

Young Living Wholesale Membership vs. Retail Customer

Young Living offers a few different ways for you to purchase their products, but today let’s talk about the difference between a wholesale membership versus simply purchasing from Young Living as a retail customer.

Wholesale Membership

There are a couple of different ways for you to actually get a wholesale membership with Young Living, however, if you REALLY want to get the MOST for your money and the BEST start on your essential oil journey then I suggest you sign up with the Premium Starter Kit which includes the wholesale membership. In fact, I so highly recommend this as your very best option, that I encourage you that if you do not have $150 to purchase the kit today, you save your money until you are able to purchase it. I will go into more detail as to why I recommend this towards the end of this post.

Once you become a wholesale member you can expect:

  • to receive a 24% discount on ALL of Young Living’s products
  • to have the potential to earn commissions and bonuses
  • to be eligible to participate in the Essential Rewards program and earn FREE products, reduced shipping costs and more
  • have access to education, support and access to Mom’s An Oil It All team resources such as Oil Moxie and our private Facebook group

After you have purchased your Premium Starter Kit and the wholesale membership that comes with it, all that is required to maintain your wholesale status is to make a $50 purchase each year. That’s it! No surprises. If you’re serious about essential oils, which you probably will be once you become An Oil It All, you will have no problem making the minimum $50 annual purchase.

Retail Customer

Although my recommendation is of course the wholesale membership, there is no shame in being a retail customer. I simply recommend the wholesale membership because it has so many added benefits.

If you would like to purchase Young Living products strictly retail, you can expect:

  • to pay regular retail pricing
  • to have zero obligation to purchase the annual minimum amount of $50
  • no opportunities to earn free products unless you meet the PV minimum for Young Living’s monthly promotions
  • to pay full price shipping

…and that is the difference between a Young Living wholesale member and retail customer.

Why You Should Choose the Premium Starter Kit?

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

The reason that I recommend so highly to you, that if you’re serious in learning about and using essential oils you should purchase the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, is because it is the BEST VALUE for your money and NO OTHER COMPANY is offering a starter kit like this for this price!!! As much as I will encourage you to research everything, I am trying to save you the headache of looking…because nobody offers the value that Young Living offers its customers with this Premium Starter Kit.

Let me break it down for you and let you see for yourself what you will be getting with this kit for ONLY $150! I will include the RETAIL prices next to the most prominent items.

  • (1) Everyday Oils Kit $163.16 – includes TEN 5 ml bottles of some of the most popular essential oils: PanAway, Peppermint, Melaleuca alternifolia, Stress Away, Joy, Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Thieves and Purification
  • (1) Home Diffuser $98.68 – acts as a humidifier, air purifier and aromatic diffuser into one product that safely releases essential oils into the air to eliminate odors and create a spa-like atmosphere
  • (1) Basic Starter Kit – includes Welcome to Young Living Booklet, Essential Oils At A Glance User’s Guide, Member Resource Guide, S.E.E.D. Sharing for Success Booklet, one 5 ml bonus bottle of essential oil Citrus Fresh $20.07, (1) AromaGlide Roller-ball Fitment, (2) Lavender Sample Packets, (2) Peppermint Sample Packets, (2) Peace & Calming Sample Packets, (2) Lemon Sample Packets, (2) Thieves Sample Packets, (3) Sample Packet Business Card, (2) NingXia Red 2 oz.
  • (1) Wholesale Member Agreement $40

If I were to add up everything that comes included in this kit, this kit would value around $300. You get all of this for ONLY $150! You won’t find a company that even offers you a starter kit with a diffuser for around $150 let alone all of the extras that Young Living has thrown in. This is absolutely your BEST OPTION!

If you have to save for your kit, then that is fine. I had to save for mine. As a matter of fact, I picked pecans to earn the money to buy mine. Pecans were only selling for $0.60 per pound at the time so I had to pick a lot! From that little investment from pecan money I was able to buy what I wanted, which was the best value for my hard-earned money. I was also able to start a business, Mom’s An Oil It All of course! I had a great collection of essential oils and my prized Home Diffuser which is my favorite conversation starter!



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