My Essential Oil Journey and Why I Chose To Join Young Living!

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The Foundation For Choosing Young Living!

If you haven’t  had an opportunity yet to visit my About Me section, let me give you a quick bit of info.  I am a Young Living Essential Oils independent distributor.  I recently worked as a healthcare professional.  I am a Registered Medical Assistant along with some other certifications.  Part of my job was to actually “work up” the patient before they were seen by the physician.  This included reviewing their HPI or history of present illness, symptoms, medications, allergies, etc.  One of the things that always hurt my heart was the amount of medications a large majority of the patients would come in with.  I’m talking about a 1 gallon Ziplock bag full.  The most heartbreaking part was to listen to the side effects they suffered from these medications, or to hear that they often had to choose which medications they could afford while forsaking others.  Terrible, right?

Sharing Essential Oils!

Fast forward a bit to my present day, I am no longer in the workforce. My fiance took employment with a company where he is gone for a month at a time, and now I am a stay at home mom of four.  During one of my stepson’s play dates, I was actually introduced to essential oils by another mother.  I was fascinated as she told me the stories of how these oils had done wonders for her family’s health and I wanted to learn more.  I was tempted (oh so tempted) to purchase the starter kit from that particular company until I saw the price… $150! For something I didn’t even know worked.  I had mouths to feed, bills to pay, a man who would have looked at me like I was absolutely crazy! This other-mother could have been a snake oils saleswoman for all I knew. That put an end to my oily dreams right then and there… at least for the time being.  Being a naturally impulsive person, I REALLY had to reign those horses in, but I didn’t let it beat me.  I would use the time that I needed saving up the money,  to also do my research on these essential oils…and research I did!

Cutting Out The Middle Man…Not Just Another Oil Re-bottler!

From my research I learned that our first medicines came from plants (OK, I actually already knew this), that essential oils have been around for a very long time (think as far back as ancient Egypt), and that essential oils are really starting to blaze a trail in modern Western medicine, although it has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries. Last, but certainly not least, I found that not all essential oils are created equal. That is one of the major reasons I decided to join Young Living.

For five months, I combed through articles, books, blogs, videos, and scientific reports on the therapeutic qualities of essential oils.   I was also using essential oils on a daily basis in my home, on myself and on my family.  I was so blessed to have someone share sample oils with me so that I could experience first hand what these tiny drops of goodness could do.  This first hand experience was invaluable.  No amount of researching will ever be able to replace actually having the product in hand when you need it most, and then being blown away by the results you were skeptical of to begin with.  In the end, after researching many companies and trying several different brands, I decided upon Young Living.  The selling points for me were:

– The founder of Young Living, started this company over 20 years ago.  It was through his efforts that essential oils really began making their way into homes across America.

– Young Living owns farms all over the world and invests tremendous amounts of money into their crops where the oils come from.  Also, Young Living Essential Oils works hand-in-hand with small farmers who have agreed to comply to the high standards that Young Living adheres to.

– Young Living actually distills it’s own oils!  Not many companies do this…In fact, I don’t know of any other company that does this.  Plus, the essential oils distilled by by Young Living’s farm co-ops are rigorously tested to make sure that they meet the high quality, and therapeutic chemical composition that Young Living customers have come to expect.

– Young Living has complete control over the quality of their products from the very beginning.  They call this process SEED TO SEAL. Young Living guarantees that all of their essential oils are pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade essential oils.  You can rest assured that you are sharing only the good stuff with your precious loved ones.

Becoming A Young Living Independent Distributor…

It took me some time to finally settle on my choice of essential oils, but I am so happy that I trusted my “gut” on this one and chose the company that I believe will offer my family the very best.  To join Young Living as a retail or wholesale member you can click here.  Even if you’re not quite ready to join Young Living, I encourage you to research the powerful therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Educating Yourself About 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Young Living Essential Oils!

If you are new to essential oils and aren’t quite sure if you believe in all of this (like I was at first), I encourage you to check out the following third-party scientific studies in the links below:

The Effectiveness of Essential Oils for Patients with Neck Pain: A Randomized Controlled Study.

Antimicrobial Efficacy of Five Essential Oils Against Oral Pathogens: An In Vitro Study.

YouTube Video: Young Living Thieves Essential Oil Blend for Mold Elimination.

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